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The Newcomers & Neighbors Club of Randolph, formerly known as the Welcome Wagon, is a non-profit social organization dedicated to connecting residents of Randolph and the surrounding townships in friendship and community service. We offer great opportunities for you & your family to meet new people, explore new interests & learn more about your community. Whether you are new to the area or are a long-time resident, our club has something for everyone!

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Our members host many Interest Groups that get together either weekly or monthly.  Meeting people on a regular basis and sharing activities is a great way to form long-lasting friendships.  If you would like to participate in an Interest Group, please contact the group host.  If you have an idea for a new group or would like to host a group, please contact us

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We have several groups for which you can volunteer.

One of them is Community Service.  This group organizes fund raisers to support charitable needs within Randolph and our neighboring communities.

Another is Helping Hands.  This group of volunteers provides meals to members who have recently had a baby, are seriously ill or have some other life impacting need.


Randolph's Food Pantry is located on the stage of the Senior Citizen Building. The Pantry serves low income families from Randolph and is open 8:30-4:30pm Monday-Friday. Non-perishable food items are always needed, especially cereal and canned goods. In addition, toiletries for both men and women (including feminine products) are very costly to people on limited funds and can really help out.
Although there have been recent catastrophic events that have us giving so far from home, in this small way we can help our neighbors here in Randolph. You can contact Barbara Lukavich, Community Services Supervisor for Randolph Township, at 989-7801 to donate.
Thank you all for the support you give this club in so many ways and for being good neighbors!

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